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Free Inspection

Have you recently suffered a water damage event and hired a water damage restoration company to dry your structure?

YOUR STRUCTURE COULD STILL BE WET…even if everything looks and feels dry, the core of your structure could still be wet. Time is of the essence!

Often we get called to an improperly dried structure and we see firsthand the devastation and health issues that are caused. Structural drying entails a lot of specialty tools and knowledge to ensure that everything is dried correctly. The consequence of an improperly dried structure may lead to the possibility of mold, bacteria and other contaminants. This could have a devastating impact on the occupant’s health and devaluing the property by compromising the structural integrity, dry rot and attracting wood destroying insects.

Most companies only dry the carpet and drywall, the water you can see and feel. Unfortunately, water does not stop at the drywall. Water saturates inside wall cavities, structural voids, insulation, behind your cabinets and other areas not addressed properly by most water damage restoration companies. We actually dry the bound water in the core of the structure – inside your walls and those hard to reach places!

We are in the business of educating the public about these hazardous conditions and making sure that all property owners know their rights. You are able to use the restoration company of your choice and you can protect the comfort and security of your most valuable possession, your property. We offer direct insurance billing of our services at no cost to you!

We are highly trained specialists who provide professional third-party moisture verification inspections. We have 24 national industry certifications including the designation of Master Restorer, special equipment, and the expertise to find hidden moisture. We will insure that your property is fully dry and restored to a safe and healthy pre loss condition.

Please take advantage of our FREE dryness verification inspection offer and safeguard your property. It’s the water that you can’t see that causes the most damage.

Please call (844)379-4647 OR (844)DRYING - 7 OR fill out the form below for more details about this offer.


QS: Am I obligated to buy anything?
Ans: Absolutely not.
QS: Is there any cost for the inspection?
Ans: The inspection is totally free to the property owner.
QS: Is there any cost for the inspection?
Ans: We use our training (Master Restorer designation) Experience, and Specialized quipment to find hidden moisture in building materials. If we find excess moisture we will document it for you and we will work with.